Heaven vs Hell

So you think?
There’s a more painful place?
than the torment, the deadlock, the suppression of your mind?
Do you think there is a more terrible punishment?
than the scene of double-hearted life, deceptive to self and others, restless and tense in your head?

Do you think there is a darker place?
than the fear that covers your mind?
than anger, resentment burning in your heart
than the flood of jealousy and resentment inside?
Which cauldron do you think is more boiling hot?
than criticism, scheming, prying, calculating.. fed by greed and desire within?
Do you think there is a more cruel hell?
than the self-contaminated, straining, revenge, oppressing, congestion.. that you’re experiencing
in the name of her, him, this and that.. ?

Hell is talked about to scare everyone on earth
yet sentient beings are living in it every day:
Eyes bulging out of anger, body trembling with hatred
Short breathing, long lament, so stress one can’t neither eat nor sleep well
Swearing, threatening, attacking those one loves
Fears constantly invade the heart, without end.

Oppressing one own emotions
to the point of vomiting and irregularly menstruate
Daily self-torture till one’s broken down, bedridden with unknown sickness
Charged with violence, ready to throw hatred at anyone
Seeing threats and humiliation inside and out
Scared and hostile at whatever present Glory, Power, and Love
finding refuge in the place of sorrow and sufferings
surviving on addictions, revenge, anger, or attacks

ill-will and deceit become common sense of life
Is there a better hell than that?
Right now, how many people are experiencing
Convulsions, pain, tension and struggling in one’s heart
Shortness of breath, instability, anxious like having a snake crawling in the stomach
Open the mouths and here come cruel words
Open the eyes and glares of hatred expose
Every step is a mourn
Every action is an eruption of malice
Which hell is more horrifying than those
Where else is more painful and heart-wrenching than that?
In which realm one is more severely punished?
Pain in mind, body, blood, and vain?
Where is this famous Hell?
In which you could be harmed more than the self-execution you have operated?
Just look at your own heart
That’s Hell – and it can turn Heaven.

So you think?
Heaven is a paradise where people never die
What paradise is more eternal than this very present without past or future?
What happiness is better than peace and freedom?
than being able to stay harmless whether you are hungry or not

What power is greater than stillness of mind?
At the face of slander and deceit.. one remains calm without ripple?
Facing adversity and danger with power and gentleness?
Which heaven is more blessed than ability to enjoy your meal and have a good sleep?
What paradise is better than those?

Who can be richer than a person knowing when to stop?
No worries can make him paranoid?
Which heaven is more special than the earth?
Every river, mountain, grass.. is a unique construction?
Is there a more magical place than here?
Every minute its changes are magic?
Rhythm and interconnection lively everywhere
God’s magnificence and glory is also your deepest part

Heaven is not far away
Stop right here, silently aware, and breathe
the intensity, or lull in your mind
changing as one with the universe, heaven and earth
Heaven or Hell the border is a thin line

For a moment, the mind was still panicking
Aware! And hypocrisy no longer take place!

Heaven – who said it’s an unreal paradise?
Heaven is Hell embraced and seen with love

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