18+ Make love with myself

Another sharing from Mai who has attended Make Love (not war) workshop that I organized in November 2022 in Nha Trang. When I was a child, my house was near the Commune’s cultural library. I remember since I was a child, I had few friends, and I liked to read, so I went to the library often, and I was almost alone with the librarian there.I was passionate about reading Grimm fairy tales, world fairy tales, Vietnamese folk tales, etc. I remember, I read all the good books there. At Tet, I saved up my lucky money to rent reading … Continue reading 18+ Make love with myself

Towards the Light

From Eliott’s diary A mind observation blog Day 75 23 November this morning i felt intense sexual desire, i could see how i was very alert to any stimuli. I observed how my sexual pulsion was taking over. I was horny and craving. I felt electric in my genitals. I felt vibration and shaking in my limbs. My eyes were looking in every direction, restless. I tried to approach Ly. She was busy and let me know she was not available; but i also see that i approached her clumsily. I was rushing and acted out of need; she maybe … Continue reading Towards the Light