18+ No orgasm can match

Sharing from Hương, one of my female students on her experience of Love Making course, organised on November 2022

“..A love making experience which I’ve heard about that I never thought I could achieve. The simplest and most profound path, but rarely known. A state of love making that doesn’t belong to the instinct of perpetuation, to achieve orgasm or to seek anything but connection with oneself and with one’s partner…

…My whole body vibrated, my cervix – where before being touched by various physical impacts would be constricted, uncomfortable and painful, now it softens, gently contracts, I felt like it was swallowing and merging with the gentle touch. Tears welled up from my eyes, my cervix convulsing slightly uncontrollably. Under my skin, it felt like an electric current was running everywhere. Due to past habit, my entire muscles from top to toe began to stiffen up and tightened. I took a few deep breaths, relaxed every part of my body and mind, and the muscles began to release, the electric current in my body continued to vibrate from the face, neck, chest, arms, abdomen, legs… it felt expansive and spreading through space…

An interaction with no rubbing, no seeking, no anticipation of orgasm – a feeling of immensity while the aura continued to shade under my skin…

After nearly 2 hours, the gentle touch slowly withdrew from my body, I remained there for more than 30 minutes and continued to feel the electric current running through my whole body. A state which no orgasm can match.

Normally, when I lie still under the air conditioner for such a long time with nothing to cover my body, I would get cold, especially before the practice I felt a bit hungry. However, from nowhere the energy came, my body was hot at that time, not much sweat but still wet all over the surface of my skin…

Previously, when I heard the instructor shared the sensation of this state, I was both curious and thought that I would never have such an experience. Yet today I experienced that feeling firsthand in this Course on Ultimate love making. I felt like I had reached another level of love making and was no longer interested in ordinary sex. And the surprising thing is that to achieve this realm, the two partners have to do almost nothing but really let go and relax.

Contrary to popular belief that one would learn the art of love making to gain more skills and get wasted, after finishing the course, I no longer want to interact recklessly with other people. I no longer depend on any partners to have the right perception of myself. I find myself no longer looking for a relationship in which both partners consider the other as their tool or object.

I have learned that porn videos are created by men based on their misunderstandings/delusions about sex. As well as the most ideal male characters are often created by female authors. I have learned that the place where love-making takes place is in the woman’s body, therefore sex should be guided and led by women and not by anyone else…

I also deeply realize from what I’ve been through and witnessed, the true color of different problems lies under the seemingly beautiful covers, under the fancy words, under the concepts/ the trends and hypes that seem to be a progressive civilization or representing freedom… I realize what is the escape when people cannot face their deprivations, hidden deep inside them, what is the search for hopes, demanded by human greed and illusion… and what is true love and freedom…”

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