18+ Make Love (not War) – Practical workshop

Many men and women misunderstood sexual energy, and are puzzled at how to enjoy sex in a sublime and healthy way that help expanding and deepen their sense of truth, self love, and liberation. Uncover these myths and change the way sexual drive influences your life. 

  • Understanding sexual energy in men and women
  • Enjoy and Transform Sexual Energy
  • Distinguish between two ways of using sex energy: expending vital energy and regenerating vitality
  • Sex in the awakened life – can the two coexist?
  • Understanding different Orgasms
  • Change the way you look at your body, sex, and approaching partner. Better understand the hidden patterns and wounds in yourself and your partner through sexual acts.
  • Explore the ways in which Sex is used as a mean to manipulative, to cause pain, and to escape reality, as well as how sex can assist healing and the path to self awareness.

Course Objectives

  • Dispel harmful sexual misunderstandings that impede progress toward self-compassion and nature alignment.
  • Gain true respect for their own body and the opposite sex
  • Develop authority and self-esteem when treating themselves, stop being a slave and being led by sexual energy.
  • Have deeper understanding of “Reserve the essences, nurture the Qi, maintain the spirit, purify the mind, harness the desire, keep the truth, train the physic” (Tue Tinh) in sex.
  • Realize an uplifting, pure, healthy sex life, respecting themselves and others. Your sex life will be on another level, to the point where you’ll probably be happy alone without anyone else, since your sexual sophistication is already at a self-fulfilling level. Think carefully before you join the class.

Most of the time in class will be used for practice. Practical exercises are conducted in a safe and respectful manner. You have the right not to participate in any exercise that you are not ready for (but you also will not sit around to show respect and fairness to others).

Some examples of practical exercises in the course:

  • Transforming sexual energy from consumption to regeneration during sex
  • Practice healthy, proper abstinence from ejaculation
  • Control premature ejaculation
  • Multiple Orgasms without Ejaculation in man
  • Different approaches to the erection and relaxation of penis and vulva 
  • Relaxing orgasms for both sexes
  • The art of using hands, tongue, lips and other body parts with subtle energy that liberate anything you touch 
  • How to help heal your partner through the genitals with your renewable energy
  • Communicate verbally and nonverbally before, during, and after sex to achieve the desired connection
  • Enjoy and transform sexual energy in daily life
  • Being Mindful in sex

.. and many other practical exercises throughout the course

Some favourable side-effects can be obtained if properly implemented over time:

  • Increased penis size
  • increased breast size in women
  • rejuvenation in men and women
  • no more vagina dryness
  • menstrual harmony
  • increasing the ability to conceive in couples whose infertility is caused by stress and mental issues
  • increased creativities and calmness
  • Overcoming sex/ porn addiction

Note: This course is not aimed at bringing you permanent happiness or liberation from the complexities of your mind, nor does it promise you permanent couple love or marriage. To achieve truth and liberation from psychological sufferings, please refer to my other course called Nhu Khong (Emptiness).

❤Read the review articles “No Orgasm can match” and “Make love with myself” from my students.

❤Join discussion group to read more reviews and writing


For women only (6 participants max):




Location: Nha Trang, Vietnam

Course language: Vietnamese + English

For more details please email lienhe.la@gmail.com 

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